Monday, April 19, 2010

films since 2006

1. dwell time (2009)

my nyu senior thesis animated short.
a young lady meets an old lady with an umbrella. the title of this short comes from the subway term "dwell time," which means the amount of time a train spends in the station with its doors open
i was inspired to make this little film after hearing a true incident that happened to a good friend of mine in hong kong.

2. waiting (2008)

my first stop motion film.
about waiting for someone or something that you've dearly missed and relishing in the moment you see that special someone or something.

3. billo (2008)

based on the story written by grace aechjay jung.
how i would cope with loss--sleep and dream.
this guy won the national board of review of motion pictures student grant award.

4. i want my jelly (2007)

an animated short i made in my sophomore year in college.
about an angry customer and a pissed of waiter. and a pb&j sandwich.
music by james lee.

5. the egg (2006)

my first animated film in nyu.
what is this film about? not quite sure but all i know is that it's a self-portrait.
paper animation + pencil animation + some playing around with lights.