Tuesday, August 10, 2010

album cover art

a musician friend at work needed an illustrator for his album cover and i offered to do the illustration. he wanted a broken heart that looked like smoke. here's the result:

i drew the heart with a red colored pencil on black construction paper, scanned it into the computer, drew the white smoke and touched it up on photoshop. this is not the final album cover. just the illustration. will he use this? maybe, maybe not. but i had fun with it.


this is another album cover that i worked on for new london fire's "Happiness Through Radios and Wires" album. it was released on july 27, 2010.

the photograph was provided by new london fire. they wanted it to look like a child drew on it. i printed the picture out on regular A4 paper and used crayons to scribble on it. i did a couple, and they chose this one.

just in case you missed it, click here to see the music video i made for their song "water park."