Wednesday, July 28, 2010

pigs in a blanket... what i cooked for my sister's friend's bridal shower! that's right, people. i COOKED. or i guess it's more appropriate to say that i BAKED. what what. so i know this isn't animation or illustration, but food is art and i made this piece of delicious art. my sister was so proud of me.

recipe found on the food network website:
"pigs in a blanket with 'curried' ketchup"

recipe courtesy Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh.

here's my baking process:

the "curried" ketchup is reallyyy good. just dipping bread into the sauce is delish.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

doodles of my dog and some other stuff

ink on paper

cookie waiting for her snack

ink on paper

when cookie knows she did something bad

ink on paper

when i was feeling a little blue

ink on paper

we all like to blame others, don't we.

i read a quote at work that stuck with me the whole day, and hopefully, will stick with me forever:

"well done is better than well said." - benjamin franklin